45% of GenZ and Millennials said Yes to the Question “I Feel Most like Myself When I am Online”

45% of GenZ (10-25) and Millennials (26-40 yrs) said yes to the question “I feel most like myself when I am online” in a recent survey by Coefficient Capital

When I explained this to the audience at CFO Magazine’s conference today, I think it would be fair to say there was disbelief. How is it possible to feel more yourself in a virtual world than in-real life?

We are on the verge of a profound change in the way that we think about reality. The concept of only one objective reality is not going to be relevant for much longer. Younger demographics who have had screens from an early age are very comfortable with engaging with people and businesses online.

A millennial lady I was speaking to believed we needed to reframe our thinking. She believed the core truth was our consciousness and our physical bodies are just organic avatars of that consciousness. Similarly on-screen avatars are just other avatars of our consciousness. We can have an infinite number of avatars

Wow … And I was just trying to tell a few gags to some CFOs.

Thanks Richard McBride and the CFO Magazine A/NZ Team

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