Adjunct Professor at Bond University Co-Teaching a subject in Bond’s Masters of Enterprise Governance on Privacy and Cybersecurity

One of my favourite days of the year. I am an adjunct professor at Bond University where I co-teach (with colleague & friend Jim Lennon) a subject in Bond’s Masters of Enterprise Governance on privacy and cybersecurity. As part of the subject, we do an intensive where we invite privacy and cyber leaders to talk to our students. I end up learning as much as the students.

Thanks to Deborah Henderson (pictured) who is a Partner in KPMG’s Data & Cloud practice for her insights today into how businesses are embracing AI. Fascinating stats from KPMG’s recent AI survey:

71% of organisations will implement Generative AI in the next 2 years
77% of organisations expect GenAI to have the largest impact on their business out of all emerging technologies
73% of organisations believe GenAI will increase workplace productivity

Apparently we will need 161,000 AI specialists by 2030 and currently we only have 6,000 (perhaps a helpful hint to give to our kids if they are wondering what to do with their careers).

Many thanks to other great speakers:
Dr Selena Fisk, Data Storyteller & Author “I’m Not a Numbers Person: How to make good decisions in a data-rich world”
Rob Wiggan, Cyber & Tech Risk Specialist, Willis Aust
Brian Shrowder, Mediacraft Communications
James Carlopio, Co-founder, Cultural Cybersecurity
Daniel Kershaw, CTO, Bond University

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