Announcement: LinkedIn’s Newest “Big Mouth in Technology”

I have been advised that I am now a Linkedin “Big Mouth in Technology”. They call it “Top Voice in Technology” but I think the subtext is clear

I am grateful to LI for this. I do not have a great familiarity with winning things. In fact at school when I was going to the annual Awards Night one of my teachers made the joke that the only way I was going to win something was if they had a Lucky Door Prize. Which I thought it was pretty funny at the time – teachers were a bit more direct in those days 😃

Many thanks to the kind folk who read/like/comment on my posts. I always try to take a balanced view on what is happening in tech, Web3, etc. I know that sometimes upsets people. I had one comment where I was told I was not being pro-crypto enough & I said I was just reporting the facts. The response was – “we have enough journalists, what I want is opinions”. I thought that was quite funny

My top 5 tech tips for 2023 are:

1. People’s NFT wallets will become public-facing & as curated & important to some demographics as their Instagram
2. Big companies using NFTs (aka “digital collectibles”) will be huge. If Nike can make US$185M selling virtual sneakers then there must be a business model there for others
3. Big advances in VR/AR hardware (inc Apple) – no one looks good in current VR headsets
4. Crypto will struggle w. mainstream adoption but asset-backed Stablecoins will take off
5. AI will stay niche despite the meme-tastic ChatGPT

I thought I would repost my best performing post, a video “The NFT Price is Right”. I was in Covid lockdown & made a video explaining NFTs. The video is in the form of a gameshow where I play the gameshow host (see photo) & 7 other characters.
If you want to understand the importance of NFT (digital asset) tech pls check out the video

If you want to hear how mainstream companies are successfully using Web3 tech (blockchain, NFT, metaverse & crypto) pls have a listen to my podcast “Web3 goes Mainstream”. Guests have included JP Morgan, ANZ Bank, Microsoft, KPMG, Binance, Sandbox & Penfolds. Senator Bragg will be up next week. Link:

For more 2023 Tech Trends, check out my thoughts & those of genuine LinkedIn Top Voices 🌞 Dan Brockwell , Karissa A. Breen , Aruna Pattam & Elisa Choy (蔡日偉)

Thanks Marty McCarthy & Team LinkedIn

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