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Artificial Intelligence will Change Everyone (almost)

Artificial Intelligence will Change Everyone (almost)

AI is accessible and it has become affordable and intuitive to roll out (in some cases). Some easy entry points for AI solutions are Chatbots (the natural language processing capability is impressive) and in the HR area (especially when dealing with large recruitment projects).

But AI does not replace people, it augments them. Amazing data and insights can be found wanting when the unpredictable happens (which is often in business). Great story about the Millennium War Games – where the US military spent $250M on the biggest war games simulation ever. The amount of data and visualised insights etc was incredible. They asked a famous but unpredictable old General (Paul Van Riper) to come out of retirement to lead the enemy.

Six days in Van Riper does the completely unthinkable and launches a preemptive attack on the massive American forces – overwhelming them quickly and “sinking” 19 US ships. All the data and insight in the world did not prepare the Americans for this attack.


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