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Beyond Bitcoin - DeFi, NFTs & Smart Contracts

Beyond Bitcoin – DeFi, NFTs & Smart Contracts

Crypto is headed mainstream”. Some of the reasons are:

  • Oct 2020 was the kick start for this bull run when PayPal announced it would accept bitcoin. Visa & Venmo follow suit
  • Last week Coinbase crypo exchange IPOs US$86B
  • 10 years of bitcoin and no flaws in the tech found
  • Transaction friction being solved by funds Grayscale ($38B in Bitcoin), Morgan Stanley and ETFs
  • ETFs: 2 in Canada (2), 1 in Brazil (1), 8 applications for ETFs in the USA, Aust – numerous ETF applications with ASIC
  • MicroStrategy bought $5B bitcoin as its treasury strategy.
  • Tesla bought $1.5B as its treasury strategy.
  • Last week BlackRock (world’s biggest asset manager) CEO Larry Fink says “Crypto could be a great asset class. We are watching, we are investing and we have made money on it.”
  • Bitcoin is known as Millennials Gold. They love it as they see the QE from sovereigns reducing the value of fiat currency
  • Bitcoin has very little free float & so demand may outstrip supply
  • Decentralised finance (DeFi) and NFTs are creating create & valuable use cases for crypto
  • However crypto is still very risky


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