BYOAI (Bring Your Own AI) to Work

Any chance you are using ChatGPT for some work-related stuff? You are not alone. BYOAI (Bring Your Own AI) in the workplace will be a big thing this year.

Forrester Research says 60% of workers will use their own AI for their jobs in 2024. This trend will lead to both positive and negative impacts, including improvements in productivity but also raising legal, security, and privacy risks.

Article here:

This is a slide from a PPT deck I am presenting at an upcoming AI presentation to a conference of CFOs. I made the cartoon. For those interested, the prompt was “Cartoon image. Man introduces a robot in the office lunch room. There is a dialogue bubble coming from the man saying “Everyone meet Trevor”. Took me 4 attempts to get to this. Maybe 3 minutes work.

Not sure this tech is good for the future of graphic designers and commercial artists (or cartoonists).

[Note – please be very careful using your own AI apps like ChatGPT for work-related matters. They are not confidential & likely your employer has a policy which prohibits you using them. I am lucky I have an enterprise version of Microsoft Copilot – sitting on all my MS Apps like Word, Teams, PPT, Outlook etc. Nothing short of life-changing. More on that later]

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