Cliftons Hybrid Speaker Showcase

Spoke about Web3, AI & Innovation at the Cliftons hybrid speaker showcase this morning. Started off talking about the issues we face. So many things going down:
– stockmarket
– our super funds
– crypto market.
Anything going up? Yes:
– interest rates
– petrol
– the price of lettuce.

The price of lettuce is bizarre, makes a Caesar Salad an aspirational purchase. I can see me telling my grandkids “In my day we had cos, iceberg, radicchio, rocket … the lot. We lived like kings” [For those not in Aust – lettuce costs have skyrocketed recently due to a shortage]

To be honest the crowd seemed a bit somber after all these points so I perked them up with some “Ice Ice Baby” and the oft-quoted advice that “fortunes are not made in bull markets, they are made in bear markets.”

Then went on to chat about some suggestions for opportunities they could seize on over 4 time horizons:
1. 5 years: Web3 & Digital Assets

2. 1 year: AI

3. Tomorrow: Kick off one of the 5 innovation strategies:
– Incremental improvement
– Minimum Viable Product
– Big bang
– Play “The Innovation Dating Game” (buy or partner w. other co)
– Reinvention (this is where Vanilla Ice becomes relevant)

4. This afternoon: Social media – Whatever companies are doing, it is unlikely to be enough. At least 60% of Millennials get their financial advice from social media. I am sure it is similar with health, fashion, food … whatever business you are in, there is a big audience getting their information on it on social media. So be good to also get on it.

Fantastic line up of speakers with Christian “Boo” Boucousis CSPProfessor Rocky Scopelliti and the always fabulous emcee stylings of Warwick Merry CSP, CVP.

Thanks so much to Cliftons Team and Ovations InternationalLeanne ChristieDavid AddisonJane Rowland SmithAnnik PetrouShannon BriggsAndra Wilkin and 

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