CommBank’s Employees Prefer MS Copilot Over Free Lunch

CommBank’s employees prefer MS Copilot over free lunch.

The bank’s CIO said yesterday its Copilot integration has led to 85 percent of employees stating they wouldn’t want to go back to working without the capability and 96 percent said they were more productive.

“We did our poor man survey and we said if we were to give you a $50 coupon for lunch every month, or give you a Copilot license, which one do you want and 75 percent said they would want to a Copilot license,” Gavin Munroe said.

I am with them. I am using an enterprise version of Copilot sitting on top of my work Outlook, Teams, Word etc. It is fantastic- way better than a free lunch.

I am not sure how the pure-play AI companies will be able to compete. One of the hard things about new tech adoption is getting it in the workflow. MS Copilot has that nailed.

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