Dotcom & Web3 Feel Very Similar

The Web3 Boom seems very similar to the Dotcom Boom that I experienced when working on the US west coast in the late 1990s. Except for one thing which I found at an event last night.

Dotcom & Web3 feels very similar:
– amazing potentially world-changing business ideas
– enthusiastic investors who have moved on from traditional valuation methodologies
– great parties & merch (thanks to the DeFi Link Team for the token (pictured) I received at last night’s fantastic Zerocap party

But I had a conversation with a chap last night the like of which I had not heard before. He was raising money for a business that was in the “pre-idea” stage. I love it. We started in the nineties moving investors from profit metrics to revenue metrics. Then we moved them to “pre-revenue” investment opportunities. Now we are “pre-idea”. Sensational.

Not sure where we go to from here.

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