Exciting Times Ahead for Gen Z!

Exciting times ahead for Gen Z! 🌟 Here is another article in my role as AI columnist at Digital Nation. It is an article on how emerging technologies will shape our kids’ job prospects. Some major opportunities include:

– Multidiciplinary Bridging: Smart people will be able to bridge their skill sets into adjacent areas. A friend of mine is the General Counsel at a company but, because she has a deep interest in AI, she is the Executive Sponsor for the whole-of-company GenAI deployment (ie not just the legal department]. It is pretty rare that a lawyer is chosen to run a large tech project. But she can do this even though she is not a coder – because the GenAI tech is so intuitive and can be interacted with in natural language not code.

– AI & Machine Learning: This field is evolving beyond just programming; it’s about integrating AI with human values. Future AI experts will not only develop algorithms but also ensure they align with ethical standards.

– Data Science: In the era of big data, interpreting this information becomes crucial. Gen Z data scientists will turn raw data into meaningful narratives, impacting everything from business strategies to public policies.

– Renewable Energy: As we pivot from fossil fuels, renewable energy sources are key. Future professionals in this field will drive innovations in sustainable energy, shaping global energy solutions.

– Health & Biotech: The intersection of technology and biology is redefining medicine. Upcoming experts will work on personalised treatments and breakthroughs in biotechnology, revolutionising healthcare.

– Human-AI Collaboration: The future is about synergy between humans and AI. Professionals will focus on creating intuitive interfaces and ensuring AI applications respect human emotions and ethics.

These areas highlight a future where technology blends with ethical and human-centric approaches.

Here is the article: https://lnkd.in/gdBxiPFv

[The image took 30 seconds to make. So I am not optimistic about the future of graphic artists unfortunately. Here is the prompt I gave ChatGPT for the image: Draw an image of a man in business attire around 22 years old. He is in a running race with a robot. The robot has beaten the man and the robot is just about to break through the victory tape. The victory tape has written on it “All the Good Jobs”. Draw in cyber and synth, 3D cartoon style]

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