My favourite Topic -every Organisation Needs a Web3 Strategy

Had a great time talking about my favourite topic “how every organisation needs a Web3 strategy” on a “Fintech Frontier”panel with Wayne Byres (Chair, Australian Prudential Regulation Authority), Peter Cowan (MD, PayPal), Simone Joyce (Paypa Plane), Camilla Bullock (Emerging Payments Association Asia)

Key points:
– Web3 is the umbrella term for crypto, defi, NFTs & metaverse
– Every organisation is being or will be impacted by Web3 & needs a strategy
– A proper Web3 strategy needs to consider where your organisation will play across all 4 pillars of Web3: crypto, defi, NFTs & metaverse. Ultimately all these pillars will come together and be completely integrated (in time)

In the Web3 strategy work I have been doing with clients, they come in with a specific project eg. “we want to mint an NFT for a marketing promotion.” But I encourage organisations think holistically across all 4 pillars. A single NFT minting is not a strategy.

Oh and if you want to learn about NFTs & have a bit of a laugh along the way, check out my NFT primer in game show style: “The NFT Price is Right”. Everything you need to know about NFTs

Thanks to my co-panelists and the American Chamber of Commerce in AustraliaApril PalmerleeDoug Grant & the whole Team for putting up with me (and my McDonalds in the Metaverse reference)

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