First Bank in the Metaverse?

J.P. Morgan becomes the first bank in the #metaverse. JPM have an interesting relationship with Web3 and it is well worth watching their strategy.

JPM’s CEO Jamie Dimon is no fan of crypto and in 2021 said that “Bitcoin was worthless.” That same year JPM were financial advisers to the $100 Billion Coinbase IPO (and presumably JPM did well financially from that).

JPM just opened a lounge in the metaverse platform Decentraland (which they would have had to pay for in crypto) and in the lobby there is a portrait of ….. Jamie Dimon. Also in the lobby is a tiger wandering around. This shows the benefits of the metaverse. You cannot have a tiger wandering the lobby of your real world offices.

PwC have also announced they are opening an office in Decentraland.

Every organisation needs a Web3 strategy … and a tiger in the lobby

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