Free Webinar Interview with BORGET Sebastien

Want to know what the Metaverse is about and why you should care? Please register for my free webinar interview with the Co-Founder of one of the most successful Metaverse platforms, . Sebastien was named one of the “Top 30 people in the Metaverse” and The Sandbox has sold over $300,000,000 of virtual land/items in the last year.

The webinar will broadcast 10.30am AEST, Wednesday 16 February (let you in on a secret, if you cannot make the time, register anyway and we will send you a link to the recording so you can view at your leisure)

Register here for the webinar

If you want to see what it is like in the Metaverse check out the 1 min promo video for The Sandbox & see what its all about

Also early notice, in two weeks I will be broadcasting an interview with the Global Head of Marketing for Penfolds Wines to discuss their uber-successful NFT Program. It is hard to gift/trade a physical bottle of wine – but as Penfolds have shown – there is a big market for NFTs which are redeemable for a bottle of wine (but can be gifted/traded easily). Every organisation needs a Web3 strategy.

[Apologies I couldn’t resist a virtual selfie with Sebastien – he is in Paris so I couldn’t quite make it there for the interview]

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