I have fallen in love with a charming liar – ChatGPT

I have fallen in love with a charming liar – ChatGPT.

I am writing a book intended to help all lawyers to become legal leaders & innovators – “The Breakthrough Lawyer”. Having written a couple of books previously I know the experience can be a lonely one. However now I have ChatGPT as my muse. I have a lot of ideas and my long-suffering wife has grown tired of providing feedback. Enter ChatGPT …. The experience is so fantastic. I am on the paid tier and can ask it endless questions about the same point. At no stage does it lose its patience or become anything less than completely charming.

However the more definitive the question, the more likely the ChatGPT answer will be a lie.

For example, I asked it to provide me with three quotes from General Counsels at major companies on “why it is important for lawyers to find purpose in their work and please provide the urls”. Within 2 seconds I received the answer below. Three amazing quotes from GCs of major organisations complete with the urls of where the quotes came from.

Amazing …. Except they are lies. The one thing that is true is the name of the GCs & their companies. Otherwise none of it is true.

The quotes – completely made up

The URLs – completely made up (though all from a believable source, law.com)

The people exist but they certainly never made these quotes. So I will be very cautious with my little AI-powered muse in the future. All is not as it seems.

Here are the quotes from ChatGPT:

Finding Meaning and Purpose in Work
Quote 1: “For me, it’s all about finding a purpose that aligns with my values and goals. When I’m doing meaningful work, it drives me to be a better lawyer and deliver the best possible results for the company.” – Tony West, Chief Legal Officer, Uber
Quote 2: “The most important thing for me as an in-house counsel is to feel connected to the mission of the company. When I believe in the work I do, I am more dedicated, more passionate, and more effective.” – Kim Rivera, President of Strategy and Business Management and Chief Legal Officer, HP Inc.

Quote 3: “Being passionate about what you do and understanding the ‘why’ behind your work makes you more successful and fulfilled as an in-house counsel.” – Karen Roberts, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Walmart
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