Lawyers NOT Using AI Could Be Unethical

Lawyers NOT using AI could be unethical. Who would have thought?

The American Bar Association issued an AI Report which stated that a “lawyer’s failure to use AI could implicate ABA Model Rule 1.5, which requires lawyer’s fees to be reasonable. Failing to use AI technology that materially reduces the costs of providing legal services arguably could result in a lawyer charging an unreasonable fee to a client.”

So, once the tech is a bit more proven, lawyers may be forced by ethical obligations to use AI – not just in the US but in other countries as well. This is one of the many topics covered in our upcoming webinar:

“Harnessing AI in In-house Legal Teams: Practical Insights and Emerging Trends”

In this webinar I talk with Wei Chen about the many practical ways in-house legal teams are using GenAI right now. Wei is well placed to talk about this is as she is a Legal AI visionary. Wei is Global General Counsel at Silicon Valley’s Infoblox and the Founder of The Atticus Legal AI Project. She is an Instructor of Legal AI at University of California Berkeley Law School.

If you are an in-house lawyer and want to attend please register here:

Feel free to share the invitation with others – all in-house lawyers welcome

To get a copy of a free white paper on “How AI will Transform Legal Practice” and to find out more about the a Bond University short online course which covers how lawyers can use AI, click here:

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