Making Money in the Metaverse

Having a chat on ABC last night about how people and companies are actually making money in the Metaverse. The ABC’s interest was triggered by J.P. Morgan opening its first office in the Metaverse on Tuesday. JPM said they are doing it “because the Metaverse will impact all sectors and be a Trillion dollar market very soon”. I try to pack as much info as I can into this 3.30 mins and also said the word “PHYGITAL” (combining of physical & digital worlds) on national TV – not a comfortable word to say (thanks to Lisa Teh for giving it to me – I think)

For a great example of a Web2 company making money in the new world, please check out tomorrow’s episode in my webinar series “Web3: From Mystery to Mainstreet”. It is titled “The Great Penfolds Wine NFT Experiment.” I interview Penfolds Global Marketing Head about their remarkably successful wine NFT program. Tomorrow 10.30am (or you can watch on catch up). Register here

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