More than 25% of lawyers are using GenAI. Are you?

More than 25% of lawyers are using GenAI. Are you? If not, here is a safe pathway.

A recent LexisNexis study reveals the increasing use of generative AI tools among legal professionals, with 26% using them at least monthly. The survey of 1,200 lawyers found:
– 91% believe AI could assist with drafting
– 90% see it as valuable for research
– 73% view it as a way to enhance communication efficiency

Ben Allgrove, partner and chief innovation officer at Baker McKenzie, commented:
“It [AI] will change how we practice law. One immediate area of focus is on how we might use it to improve the productivity of our people, both our lawyers and our business professionals.”

If you are one of the the 74% of lawyers not using GenAI but would like to understand more, have a look at this low-cost, quick, online, course from Bond University on “GenAI Productivity Training for Lawyers”. It is designed for in-house or private practice lawyers, at any stage in your career and whatever part of the world you live.


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