More to NFTs Than You Think

There is more to NFTs than crazy prices for indifferent apes and pixelated punks. This article discusses some of the use cases.

I am particularly interested in companies that are using NFT tech to create digital twins of us. Eg a digital twin with all of our financial data or a digital twin with all of our health data.

Medical records and identification documents are vital pieces of information that are easy to misplace and difficult to replace, even in the digital age. This is one area where NFT technology can offer a wide-ranging practical use case that most individuals in society can benefit from.

Instead of leaving it up to large health institutions to record, manage and track an individual’s medical record, a unique NFT ledger that is assigned to each person can store all medical information while maintaining confidentiality and privacy.

This would also allow a person to control what information is shared with a health provider when seeking treatment while keeping less relevant personal data private.

It’s possible that one day this process will begin at birth with the issuance of an NFT birth certificate to newborns by a healthcare provider or government agency.

There are already companies out there working on this. More to come. #nft

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