Not Every Day you Get a Box Filled with 300+ Fortune Cookies

With Apple, Google & GDPR killing the (Ad) Cookie, arise its successor – the Fortune Cookie apparently. Not every day you get a box filled with 300+ fortune cookies. Fascinating marketing promotion. In these days of digital marketing where every ad dollar is optimised for performance via Google/other, this is refreshingly low-tech. When “click-thru” becomes “crunch-through” (sorry).

I was sent a box of fortune cookies from the good people at OpenFortune (thank you). The proposition is to advertise on the little paper slip and “reach 135M+ users per month”. That seems to be a staggering amount of free, end-of-meal cookie eating.

Not sure what I would put on my branded fortune cookie campaign:

More traditional: “No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.”

More emotional: “Help I am trapped in the fortune cookie bakery”

More direct: “You need to contact a tech lawyer & futurist speaker (see over for details)”

Good fortunes to you all. [If you ever find yourself on level 6 of my building please drop by my office and grab a cookie. I have 300 to get rid of. I promise not to ask how you got past security 😃 ]

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