Real Agave Plant NFTs

World-first, Real Agave Plant NFTs sell out & raise Over $1M – giving the holders a right to 35 litres of “agave spirit” (just don’t call it tequila). Showing there is no limit to what you can do with an NFT, the release of NFTs represent the first sale of spirit from the Eden Lassie agave farm in North Queensland.
Each token holder has the exclusive rights to the handmade micro distilled agave spirit from 10 geo-tagged agave plants on a plot that they have selected (equivalent of approximately 35 litres) to be harvested and distilled from August 2023.
The first release Australian Agave NFT program price was A$10,000/NFT.
Token holders will enjoy experiences and have exclusive access to personalised updates on their agave plants. Like all NFTs ,the agave NFT maybe traded on any NFT marketplace.

The wine & liquor industry is truly embracing NFT tech with:
– Penfolds successful wine NFT drops
– Robert Mondavi Winery joining with French porcelain house, Bernardaud, to create an NFT with a unique art piece, “in real Life” experiences and a porcelain bottle of wine.
– French start up World Wide Wines makes vintage wine available by NFT

Begs the question: If you drink a virtual bottle of wine – do you get a virtual hangover?

Well done Top Shelf InternationalDrew Fairchild & Team

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