Nick Abrahams Futurist & Speaker Showreel 2022

“He had the audience in various states of concern, laughter and light bulb moments. Incredibly charismatic.”

– Razwina Raiham,
Producer, Gamechangers Conference


Nick is happy to tailor a speech for your event. His most popular speeches are:

The Digital Asset Revolution

Web 3.0: Three Trillion Reasons to Learn More About Cryptocurrency & the Metaverse


The crypto market is now worth over US$3 Trillion. Sceptics dismiss it but, given the weight of smart capital flowing in and the ever-increasing legitimate use-cases, this is a market that is going mainstream quickly. Visa, Mastercard and PayPal all accept cryptocurrencies – in fact you can even trade crypto via the CBA’s app. Superannuation funds are investing in crypto. Many companies are holding crypto assets on their balance sheets as part of a corporate treasury hedging/investment strategy. Even AT&T accepts phone bill payments in crypto as do many other retailers. Crypto is going mainstream fast and there are massive opportunities and threats for all organisations.


Crypto is just the start of the digital asset revolution. The other key trends are:


  • Decentralised finance. DeFi is a parallel financial system that has grown from zero to US$100 Billion of smart contracts in the last 18 months
  • Non-fungible tokens. NFTs allow ownership of digital assets like never before. This market grew from US$13M last year to US$3 Billion YTD
  • Metaverse – the “embodied internet” where using mixed reality and other tech, you merge with the virtual world. Think this is sci-fi? Facebook just changed its name to Meta and employed 10,000 developers to build its part of the Metaverse.


This session is perfect for leaders and aspirational leaders who are interested in how technology will impact the future of all industries. Nick de-mystifies these topics for mainstream audiences with some added humour along the way. Key take always for those attending Nick’s session include:


  • Summary of major mainstream use-cases for crypto aka “Ten uses for crypto that don’t involve buying drugs on the dark web”. This will explain to the audience why we need to care
  • A simple explanation of the key technologies involved. Not enough to build your own smart contract but enough to sound smart at a dinner party
  • Which industries are getting impacted fastest
  • Simple strategies for how your business can benefit from the digital asset revolution


Nick Abrahams is a leading lawyer and digital transformation consultant. He leads Norton Rose Fulbright’s Global Digital Transformation Practice and has advised some of the world’s biggest companies on their digital strategies, including how digital assets might fit. He has a keen interest in and advises regularly on digital assets. He regularly appears on ABC TV News talking about digital assets, prompting some to refer to him as the Alan Kohler of Digital Currencies.


He is also an entrepreneur. Seven years ago, he started LawPath as a side business. LawPath is an online legal solution in Australia with over 250,000 users and recently raised $7.5 million from a variety of investors including the Gonski Family Office. Nick created the world’s first AI-enabled privacy law chatbot and has written two books on technology. He recently stepped off the board of ASX300 software company Integrated Research and is currently on the boards of the Garvan Foundation, the Vodafone Foundation and the Sydney Film Festival.

Smart Digital Transformation

The Future of Your Business is Digital or Doomed


Warren Buffett said that “digital transformation is a fundamental reality for all businesses today”.  Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. It is how you modify or invent massively improved processes with a blend of people, processes and technology. According to John Chambers, legendary leader of CISCO “At least 40% of all business will die in the next 10 years if they don’t figure out how to change their entire companies to accommodate new technologies.”


Nick leads the Digital Transformation Practice at global firm Norton Rose Fulbright and has advised many of the world’s largest companies on their digital transformation strategies. This session is perfect for leaders and aspirational leaders who want to understand the main trends driving digital transformation and how they can apply these trends in their own businesses. This session can be tailored specifically to deal with how digital transformation is impacting any industry eg. financial services, health, energy, retail, property, construction, education, government, mining etc.


Nick will provide strategic guidance, actionable insights and a few laughs along the way. Key take always for those attending Nick’s session include:


  • Examples of companies that have successfully avoided oblivion by embracing digital transformation, eg. Walmart
  • Specific examples of companies in your industry that have achieved great results as a result of their digital strategies
  • Understanding & managing the key enabler of digital transformation – data
  • Simple explanations of the main technologies which facilitate digital transformation
  • Winning at “The Innovation Dating Game” finding the right innovation partners and the right way to partner with them


5 simple strategies to supercharge your digital transformation journey


The Winnable War


Nick Abrahams has written one of the highest-selling Australian books on cybersecurity, Big Data, Big Responsibilities. He has advised over 200 companies on how to prepare for and respond to cyber attacks, including negotiating with ransomware attackers. He has the experience to help your organisation win the cybersecurity war.


2021 marked a massive increase in hacking and ransomware attacks. Many companies were hit hard and, for the first time ever we saw companies fail as a result of cyber attacks. The is an issue for everyone in the organisation, not just the IT Department. One of the key determinants of whether your organisation can survive an attack is proper preparation. As the saying goes “When you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.”


In this session, Nick, using many real-life examples and proprietary research, provides insights to all members of the organisation on the key issues they need to know to protect the organisation, themselves and their families. All conveyed in non-technical language peppered with humour. Some takeaways include:


  • Why cybersecurity is the number one risk issue in most organisations
  • How do the hackers do it – some are smart, others just get lucky
  • What has been the impact on organisations and employees
  • What is the real impact on your reputation as a result of a cyber breach
  • Many of the biggest breaches could have been stopped easily by people outside the IT Department
  • Six key issues to consider before paying a cyber ransom
  • Terrible tales of identity theft & how to avoid it
  • How to protect yourself and your family


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