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Nick Abrahams Futurist & Speaker Showreel 2022

“He had the audience in various states of concern, laughter and light bulb moments. Incredibly charismatic.”

– Razwina Raiham,
Producer, Gamechangers Conference


Nick is happy to tailor a speech for your event. His most popular speeches are:


Nick Abrahams, Futurist & Global Leader Digital Transformation | Norton Rose Fulbright 

Nick is a LinkedIn Top Voice in Technology and was just named in Engatica’s 2023 list of the World’s Top 200 Business Innovators. He  has been a partner at international law and consulting firm Norton Rose Fulbright for over twenty years, spending the last seven years in global technology and innovation leadership roles. Nick created the world’s first AI-enabled privacy chatbot and won the Financial Times newspaper’s “Asia Innovator or the Year Award”. He is the Co-founder of LawPath, an online legal solution with over 300,000 customers. Nick is much sought after in the media and is the host of the popular podcast “Web3 goes Mainstream”.

Nick will discuss what people in your industry need to know about AI (eg. ChatGPT), Web3, digital assets, fintech, decentralised finance, robotics, automation, augmented-reality, social media + demographic shifts. He will also discuss how people can innovate to make the most of these trends, providing actionable ideas you can use immediately.


I use a lot of stories in my speeches as I find this makes the information more accessible for people. These stories are unique to me as they come from the digital transformation work that I have done globally for clients as well as from my experience as co-founder of LawPath, growing a business from zero to 50+ employees.

I used to be a professional comedian and so my presentations are not only full of insights but are entertaining. My style is very upbeat and I use a lot of audio and video content to keep the audience engaged and energised.

Smart Digital Transformation

The Future of Your Business is Digital or Doomed

Warren Buffett said that “digital transformation is a fundamental reality for all businesses today”.  Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. It is how you modify or invent massively improved processes with a blend of people, processes and technology. According to John Chambers, legendary leader of CISCO “At least 40% of all business will die in the next 10 years if they don’t figure out how to change their entire companies to accommodate new technologies.”


Nick leads the Digital Transformation Practice at global firm Norton Rose Fulbright and has advised many of the world’s largest companies on their digital transformation strategies. This session is perfect for leaders and aspirational leaders who want to understand the main trends driving digital transformation and how they can apply these trends in their own businesses. This session can be tailored specifically to deal with how digital transformation is impacting any industry eg. financial services, health, energy, retail, property, construction, education, government, mining etc.

Nick will provide strategic guidance, actionable insights and a few laughs along the way. Key take always for those attending Nick’s session include:


  • Examples of companies that have successfully avoided oblivion by embracing digital transformation, eg. Walmart
  • Specific examples of companies in your industry that have achieved great results as a result of their digital strategies
  • Understanding & managing the key enabler of digital transformation – data
  • Simple explanations of the main technologies which facilitate digital transformation
  • Winning at “The Innovation Dating Game” finding the right innovation partners and the right way to partner with them

5 simple strategies to supercharge your digital transformation journey

The Digital Asset Revolution

How mainstream companies are embracing NFTs, the Metaverse and Web3

You may think NFTs and Web3 is all about cartoon apes being sold as speculative investments. But there is much more to the digital asset revolution and many mainstream companies are embracing this technology. The impact will be felt across all industries, but especially retail, entertainment, sports, financial services, healthcare, education, government and professional services.   In this session Nick will explain:

  • What is Web3 and the Metaverse exactly
  • Why are companies like Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Nike and Alfa Romeo issuing NFTs
  • Why are banks like HSBC and Standard Chartered buying land in the Metaverse
  • Which assets can benefit from being tokenised
  • How is NFT technology being used to stop counterfeiting of tickets, luxury goods and more
  • Why are banks like ANZ, NAB and JP Morgan issuing their own cryptocurrencies
  • What will be the opportunities that arise from Web3 in your industry

Working with Machines

Maximising Work Efficiency with AI like ChatGPT

In today’s fast-paced world, efficiency is crucial to success. The latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology, including chatbots such as ChatGPT, can give your team the edge it needs to excel. In this session, you’ll discover how to best use AI to achieve optimal efficiency and accuracy in your organisation.

Nick will cover the benefits and challenges of using AI in organisations. You’ll learn how to choose the right AI technology for your tasks, integrate it into your workflow, and balance AI and human expertise. You’ll also gain insight into ethical implications and best practices for using AI, including data privacy and security.

In this interactive session, you will:
*Discover the benefits of using AI for your organisation
*Learn how to choose the right AI technology for marketing, content-creation, legal and risk management
*Gain best practices for using AI, including providing clear instructions and ensuring data privacy and security
*Explore ethical implications and best practices for using AI
*Learn how to integrate AI into your existing workflows and processes

Join us for a practical and engaging session that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to maximise your organisation’s efficiency with the power of AI.


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