Stepping into the Future with Elon’s Cybertruck

I never believed Elon’s Cybertruck would be real, but today it rolled right up to me! My first thought was…

This is like stepping into the future. A future I never believed would happen. My initial Cybertruck cynicism reminds me of the cynicism many lawyers have for GenAI. Like seeing the Cybertruck in the wild removed my cynicism, so using GenAI has made me believe that there is a great opportunity for all lawyers to boost their productivity by using GenAI.

All lawyers should be experimenting, safely, with GenAI – start with the public models like ChatGPT and my current favourite for legal research – Claude.

If you find GenAI a bit daunting and you need a trustworthy on-ramp into using it, the new “GenAI Productivity Training for Lawyers” online course from Bond University is a quick, low-cost way for lawyers to learn how to use GenAI in their practices immediately and safely. Six hours and AU$450 to get up to speed on GenAI (and you get a university micro credential). Ideal for in-house and private practice lawyers at any level from anywhere in the world. Link to course:

Rebecca Holbrook, General Counsel of Fisher & Paykel said about the course:
“Excellent course!  Completed it in a couple of days.  Extremely valuable – both in terms of advising the business on Gen AI adoption and in terms of use by the legal function.  Highly recommended!”

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