“Visualizing Business”

My friend Mike Pell has written another book, “Visualizing Business.” I got to read it over the break. Brilliant! Mike is a visionary – the Bob Dylan of Data (minus the harmonica and moody stares).

The book talks about a new visual way of interacting with and interpreting data, powered by AI. Mike discusses 4D business visualisation systems and how to create them using AI & spatial computing as well as cinematic and other techniques.

Mike leads the Microsoft Garage in New York City and his previous books are “Envisioning Holograms” and “The Age of Smart Information.” This one is “Visualizing Business “ and it works. While reading it I started to think about our Cloud & AI Advisory business – and look what happened to my suit!


Actually, the truth is that I bought this suit as I am emceeing a Cloud and AI conference in a couple of weeks and the organiser said “I want you to be as theatrical and fun as you want”. I am not sure this extended to wardrobe. What do you think? Too much? 😃

[Ian Oppermann – I bought another copy of the book for you and it is winging its way to you now. I think you will love it. Let me know if you want a cloud suit too]

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